Hunky Dad Is Home Alone With Baby, Records “Dance” Routine That Takes Internet By Storm


When Mom announced that she had to run a few errands, Dad started to think about what he would do to keep their little one, Miles, busy! Instead of sticking him in front of the television or playing with the same old toys, he thought of a fun dance routine that would entertain both of them!

Now footage of their hilarious routine is bringing smiles everywhere. Once you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why…

Even though it seems like Dad is just playing around with Miles, he’s really teaching him several valuable lessons. The Cleveland Clinic website says that dancing is an excellent way for children to express themselves in a judgment-free environment.
Additionally, aerobic exercises like dancing are great for people of all ages. While the physical benefits are plentiful, the mental stimulation is also a great plus.

Remembering choreography and carrying it out while moving around is difficult and, if Miles can learn this early, he has a higher likelihood of scoring well on tests at school. Finally, the site says that those who dance regularly actually sleep better at night.

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