Kid Acts Really Strange On Ride Home


More than ever before, we are “distracted” drivers. Cell phones ringing, text messages beeping, email alerts coming through, music systems blaring – many of these distractions are happening in not only your vehicle, but also in every other car surrounding you. Driving a vehicle requires (and should have) your complete attention, but unfortunately, the focus of many drivers is everywhere but the busy road in front of them.

The man in this video is giving his young daughter and her friends a ride to the local pool. As he engages in their laughter and conversation with the music playing, his wife attempts to reach him on his cell phone. He ignores the texts and calls of course, as any responsible driver with children in the car should do.

After the girls head off, he pulls over to return his wife’s phone call – and this is when the story gets eerie…

As the man speaks with his frantic wife about how their family dog has just gone missing, he suddenly notices a boy sitting in the backseat of his car. He begins talking with the boy, and learns that the child is a friend of his daughter. After a bit of back and forth, the boy says something that will send chills up your spine, and possibly change the way you drive – forever. Watch the video below to see the shocking ending to this story. You’ll probably think of a few loved ones who should see it as well!