Little Girl Asks Prince William To Dance Like A Horse, His Response Has The Crowd Erupting In Laughter


When you’re a royal there is a certain high standard you must uphold in social situations. Throughout history the royal family have set an example of how one must behave in public. So onlookers were left surprised and amused when Prince William let his guard down at the 2017 Royal Variety Performance.

Every year, acts of every talent come together to put on a magnificent show at the London Palladium Theatre for the royal family. This year Prince William and his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, attended and it seems like they were having a positively wonderful time.

Seated in their private balcony above the stage, the royal couple watched and enjoyed as performers from all over the world entertained them. But then the cast of the musical, Annie, performed and the tables turned. They ended up making Prince William the entertainment for the evening!

Host Miranda Hart, who had performed as Miss Hannigan in the musical along with the children, was known for her hilarious ‘horse dance’ and had referenced it earlier in the evening. And the mischievous girls of ‘Annie’ had a trick up their sleeve…

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