Little Girl Begs A Big Ship To Honk


A little girl’s harmless game of trying to get the ship to honk back wasn’t as fun as she thought it would be. At first, seeing this massive ship across the water looked like a challenge. If she honked at the ship, just maybe the captain would notice and give a honk back. Try after try, she kept diligent for the attention. As the ship drew closer, her chance got even greater. Surely now someone would see what she was up to, at least that is what she was hoping for.

Like a game of tag when one child chases another only to be tagged in return, this little girl tooted her horn and expected exciting results. The anticipation grew as she stood there on the dock in her pink sweatshirt and ponytail looking absolutely adorable. Persistence as strong as hers was about to pay off in a big way.

Staring right in the ship’s direction, she knew it was coming. She had faith. The captain inside knew the powerful capabilities of the horn, but couldn’t let this cute little girl down. So, the captain blared the horn for a few times until she reacted in a way that screamed, “Enough!”

A child of her age is so innocent in the fact that the size of a ship will tell you how loud the horn will be. But nobody told her, it was just something she had to figure out for herself. Besides, no parent would want to spoil a fun game like that. Running away from the noise, she looked terrified. Her plan worked out, it just wasn’t at all like she imagined. Some day she will look back and get a giggle out of it, but for now, it seems she won’t be honking at any more ships.