Little Girl Greeting Queen with Curtsy Gets Whacked by Royal Guard


Six-year-old Maisie Gregory was waiting all day for her meeting with the Queen.

She had been selected to continue the tradition of handing the Queen a bouquet of flowers after the Queen’s appearance.

Maisie — looking as cute as a button — handed the Queen her flowers and offered her a polite curtsy.

The Queen accepted the flowers, but when she started to walk away, hilarity ensued.

The Queen passed one of the royal guards, who moved to salute her as she exited. His arm came jolting upward and struck little Maisie right in the face.

The blow sent Maisie’s hat flying off of her head. In the video, you can hear her shout “Ow!” as the queen walked away, completely oblivious to the scene behind her.

The Queen might not have noticed, but the soldier certainly did. After the Queen walked out of frame, the soldier bent down to apologize to Maisie and her mother, Joanne Gregory.

Joanne, who is the wife of Regimental Sergeant Major Mertin Gregory, accepted the apology and said her daughter was fine.

Little Maisie was just tired from all of the excitement and lack of sleep.

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