Little Girl Sings Old MacDonald’s Farm


Little Josie is barely two years old, but has a passion for singing all her own. And she never shies away from the camera if it means making daddy smile! Dad asks her to sing him a song she has been practicing. One by one, she sings about each animal on Old MacDonald’s farm and it’s absolutely adorable.

Just wait until you hear her animal impressions. You will have to admit, she is a great entertainer for being so small! She even has a little book about Old MacDonald’s farm and uses it to remind herself of each animal’s name.

Josie is used to her dad capturing moments on camera, because he loves to hold onto these precious memories. Thank goodness he captured this memory that has become viral with over nine million views all over the web. Now watch for Josie’s big finale at the end – you will have a huge smile when you watch in the video below!

Children are like flowers of life. They bring so much joy and happiness to each home. When child is born, person gets a new meaning of life and every day becomes brighter as time goes. There are so many videos about children online, but this one touched my heart! I can watch it over and over again.