Little Girl Wants To Dance, But Seconds Into Her Routine, 3 Brothers Barge In


My sister and I had a ritual while we were growing up: Every evening, we would stand in front of our parents’ huge dressing mirror, have my brother be DJ, and we’d dance our hearts out to some of our favorite songs. Yes, we did this every night and these moments are some of our best memories, even today.

There were days we would just freestyle our moves, going with the beat of the music and not paying much attention to what we were doing. Then there were other days that we’d come up with a full-blown routine to one song, and my brother would jump in as well!

The reason I bring this particular story up is that the video below reminded me of the dance parties we used to have as kids, in our parents’ room. The video also features a cutesy dance party happening, and it starts with a little girl.

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