Mama Holds Up 5-Week-Old Infant To Glass Only To Have Orangutan’s Captured Footage Go Viral


When Indi, Mom, and Dad went to the zoo, they had no idea that a certain orangutan would want to become the best of friends. The second they walked in front of the orangutan enclosure, one of its inhabitants walked over and stared little Indi right in the face. This was the last thing they expected…

While it’s easy to brush off orangutans as goofy orange-colored primates, they’re actually considered to be one of the most intelligent animals on the Earth! Orangutans share 97 percent of the same DNA as human beings and have been able to learn to do many things people do! When taught, orangutans can learn how to read, communicate with sign language, speak and even wash their faces with washcloths! Sadly, their human-like DNA makeup also makes them vulnerable to diseases like tuberculosis, heart conditions and hepatitis. Since they’re so similar to humans, they can also understand the difference between a grownup and a teeny tiny baby! Such was the case when this orangutan spotted Indi standing right behind the glass.

Without hesitation, the orangutan waddled over to the glass and looked intently at the baby. It seemed as though the orangutan knew how precious of a baby Indi was and wanted to take in the moment. Mom and Dad watched as the orangutan came closer to their daughter – this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and they had it all on camera. Take a peek at their heartwarming footage by pressing “play” below. What a sweet little girl, as well as a kind animal!