Mom Brings Rescued Pit Bull Home


Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that is characterized by a struggle in developing relationships or communication with other people. People who go through this condition usually also have some problems mastering languages or other abstract concepts. They tend to have a hard time dealing with many things around them. The following video share a story about a little boy named Jonny Hickey, who was also diagnosed with it.

Johnny was diagnosed with autism when he was just a baby. It made him suffer from anxiety and nervousness. Because of that, he had a lot of problems talking or interacting with people outside his family. His parents had tried all sorts of therapy to help him out, but all of that led to nowhere. Jonny was not improving at all.

One day, when Jonny’s mom was watching some news, she saw a report about an abused pit bull. The dog was named Xena, and she was in the most horrifying condition imaginable. She couldn’t help but adopt Xena and bring her home. This act of kindness made a huge impact in her son’s life. Jonny seemed immediately bonded with Xena, and she just loved him in return. They became the best of friends, and Xena helped the little boy come out of his shell more.

The presence of a single dog made such a tremendous difference in the boy’s life as well as his parents’!

Check out this amazing video below: