Mom Finds Her Twins In The Laundry Basket, Cracks Up When She Hears Their Conversation


Little kids do the cutest things. The video below gives us an example. As you can see, the clip shows us a very important discussion between a set of twins about socks. Babies have a special way of communicating with others, and twins are not an exception. Twins actually seem to have their own secret language when it comes to talking with one another. According to TODAY, babies can communicate with each other, but not as you might think!

The website explains, “‘They may not talk yet, but it turns out babies can recognize each other’s emotions by 5 months of age, correctly matching the sounds of happy or frustrated infants with the appropriate facial expressions. The takeaway for parents is that babies are very much aware of emotion,’ said Ross Flom, as associate professor of psychology at Brigham Young University…” This means that they can read each other’s emotions and respond accordingly.

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