Mom Grabbed Her Camera


The young father gently and tenderly bathes her baby. And who in your family bathed the baby? The key to successful communication of the dad and the child is the man’s awareness of himself as a father and the desire to spend time with the baby.

The second is impossible without the first, so it is very important that dad even during the pregnancy of his wife prepared for a new role. If the baby is a welcome and long-awaited preparation for parenthood takes place with pleasure, and by the time the baby is born dad is quite ready to communicate!

If dad is well prepared, he will emotionally support his wife during the care of the child and show sincere feelings for the baby. Sometimes many dads think that the baby except mom does not need anyone, so it is better not to interfere, anyway because dad can not breastfeed the child!

Of course, to feed can not, but there are many other ways of communicating dads and baby, which will positively affect your baby’s development. It often happens that dad spends a lot of time at work to provide for the family, and he has almost no time for the baby.

In this case, the wife should help her husband: if dad comes late, plan a day so that bathe crumbs around midnight, then spend bath procedures dad can.