Mom Hands Son His Baby Sister


Why do brothers and sisters compete? What should parents do if their children cannot spend hours together without quarrel? After the writers and psychologists give their answer scientists. It turns out that the age difference between children, their gender and possible jealousy do not play a decisive role in conflicts. Then why children quarrel and whether it is possible to reduce intensity of passions?

Having another child, parents dream of children being friends with each other, the elder helped the younger, giving mom time to rest or do other things. But in reality, the appearance of another child in the family is often accompanied by numerous children’s experiences, jealousy, resentment, quarrels and even fights.

World experts on communication with children and the authors of bestsellers Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish decided to devote a whole book to this problem. With the help of illustrative examples, short rules and funny comics, they show in which situations you need to intervene in the conflict, and in which – to help children to come to a compromise on their own.

Why it is important, assessing the behavior of children, do not compare them with each other. How to make children feel: let them not get all the attention of parents, all the toys, the whole room and they have to share with their brothers and sisters – parental love does not need to be divided, it will be enough for everyone, and they can always count on it.