Mom Leans In To Give Newborn A Kiss


It’s safe to say that any Mom would go to the ends of the Earth to show their child just how much they love them. Whether it’s leaving your child a note in their lunch, giving them an extra hug before school, or cooking them their favorite meal, Moms everywhere are the real superheroes when it comes to loving their kids. For one Mom in particular, however, showing her baby how much she loves her was just the start of a hilarious video that’s now all over the Internet.

In the video, a Mom cradles her newborn in her arms, and kisses her sweetly. That’s when the fun starts to happen, as the newborn puckers her lips right after she gets a smooch from her Mom! The baby’s Mom starts uncontrollably laughing at her baby’s hilarious expression, clearly surprised that her baby is able to make such a dramatic face.

It’s safe to say that this little baby knows how to light up a room! Who knows, maybe this little girl will grow up to be a comedian or an actress – she’s surely getting an early start at making everyone laugh!

The Mom just can’t get enough of her hilarious newborn, so she goes in for another kiss to see what will happen. This baby isn’t afraid to show off her big lips, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day! Mom couldn’t resist giggling. It’s adorable to see how this baby puckers her lips. Watch the video to see how this baby’s face makes her Mom crack up uncontrollably.