Mom Learned Easy Trick and Her Son Stop Interrupting


Being a parent is one of the most important jobs you can ever have, and just like any other job, it’s important to be prepared. Everyone learns to be a parent differently and there are no right or wrong ways to do it. Sure, you can find thousands of books and articles online telling you exactly what to do, but nothing will be as helpful as real life experience. Any parent will tell you, though, that helpful hints are always appreciated – so today, we are sharing a very helpful parenting tip with you.

The tip comes courtesy of Kirsten Berger who calls herself “the Mom Coach.” Kirsten’s kids had a nasty habit of always interrupting their parents’ conversations, so she wanted to develop a way to get the children to be patient while she was busy talking to someone else.

Her solution is simple, but absolutely brilliant.

When her kids want her attention, they are trained to place their hands on their mom’s shoulder. Once Kirsten feels the touch of her kids, she places her hand on top of theirs to acknowledge she notices them and will speak to them shortly. This way, Kirsten can politely excuse herself from the conversation and speak with her kids.

It may take a little while to master, but almost everyone who tries this method says it works like magic. If you have ever experienced the challenge of getting your child to stop interrupting, this is certainly worth trying.