Mom Rushes Little Girl To ER After Waking Up Paralyzed Breaks Down When Dr.’s Look In Her Scalp


With summer right around the corner, many of us are headed outside with wide smiles and adventure on our minds. Sadly, all of the excitement for the warm weather came to a screeching halt for Jessica Griffin and her family when the unthinkable occurred.

It all started when her youngest daughter Kailyn woke up one morning and couldn’t move her arms and legs. She was completely paralyzed and Jessica had no idea why…

The severity of the situation set in when Jessica noticed Kailyn couldn’t speak as well. Without thinking twice, Jessica packed her girls in the car and sped to the hospital.

After hours of testing, treatment and bad news, Jessica finally took to social media to update the masses. Her story is now going viral – hopefully, the tale of Kailyn’s harrowing ordeal can prevent other children from going through the same thing.

Jessica wrote:

“We had a bit of a scare this morning! Kailyn woke up and couldn’t walk! I was just thinking that her legs were asleep until I noticed that she could hardly talk!

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