Mom Sets Her Baby Down


This horse knows how to deal with a fussy baby! Every time the infant starts to cry, he bends over and rocks him in his carseat until he’s completely soothed. His mother can’t believe what she’s watching and stands by breathlessly – she doesn’t want to interrupt them and stop this precious moment!

Horses are known to be incredibly intelligent animals! They can be trained to complete difficult and somewhat lengthy tasks, maneuver around tricky obstacles and make great companions to the humans who care for them!

It all just depends on the bond that’s formed between man and animal – and clearly these two already have a strong unspoken connection.

According to Seeker, this type of unbreakable bond is normal for horses and humans, “The bond with humans likely is an extension of horse behavior in the wild, since horses value their own horse relatives and friends, and are also open to new, non-threatening acquaintances.

‘Horses maintain long-term bonds with several members of their family group, but they also interact temporarily with members of other groups when forming herds,’ explained Carol Sankey, who led the research, and her team.”

This fortunate little guy has a lifetime of horse riding ahead of him and hopefully it will be with this perceptive “rocking horse,” it’s clear to see that they would make an excellent riding pair. Check out this magical relationship for yourself in the video below!