Mommy Starts Singing


Bringing a child to church for the first time can be an emotional experience. This is the moment that’s going to change their lives forever!

They’re establishing their roots in faith and making lifetime ties with church members. Wee ones will be stronger with a background in the church.

But, for this little one, his first time in church was something everyone is going to remember for a long time. Instead of sitting quietly while a member of the choir sang, he decided to babble right along with her!

We’re just glad Mom filmed the whole thing! Usually it isn’t until the toddler age that children begin picking up notes and starting to sing. They enjoy hearing their own voices and experimenting with different pitches.

But for a tiny little one this small, it is no wonder that his singing drew the attention of the congregational members around him. He’s enjoying the sound of his mother’s voice and doing his very best to copy it in his own precious way.

So when this little baby started to sing right along with the hymn, everyone gathered around to watch. A smile spread to their faces and the woman holding the baby boy couldn’t help but let out a chuckle or two!

Mom thought it would be years before her boy started singing hymns with the choir – but not weeks after his birth! What a blessing this adorable little guy is not just to his mom, but to his whole church.

It will be wonderful to watch him grow up, surrounded by such faithful people. Hopefully, he continues pursuing his love of music.

Take a peek at this heartwarming singing session for yourself in the video below.