Mommy Takes Baby Shopping Through Christmas Aisle


Now that Halloween is behind us, it’s common for stores to start setting out their Christmas merchandise. From the gorgeous Christmas trees to the singing Santa Clauses, there’s so much to look at and take in!

Such was the case when Mom and her sweet son stopped by the store to grab a few things and rolled past the Christmas section.

Thankfully Mom had the camera running the entire time and was able to capture his heartwarming reaction…

According to Parents Magazine, babies love to stare at colors that their eyes see best. Bright colors like red and green are easy for their eyes to spot after six months old and they tend to lock onto them!

In addition to the fun colors, the blinking, twinkling Christmas lights are another exciting thing to look at.

Doctor Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, explains that shiny things are perfect for catching a baby’s attention.

That’s one of the reasons young children love to play with jewelry and other sparkly items.

The barrage of Christmas decorations are like sensory overload for this adorable little one. The trees, stuffed Santas and blinking lights are all amazing to him and he can’t contain his excitement!

Even though this little one is more amazed by the fun colors and lights (and isn’t really aware of the upcoming holiday), many of us share his excitement as soon as we step into the Christmas section!

It’s impossible not to smile along with him!

Take a peek at his sweet reaction for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below!