Newborn Fawn Walks To A Little Girl, But Wait Till You See What The Little Girl Does Next!


Sometimes, wild animals end up venturing into human territory. Humans are encroaching on more of their lands, and it is no surprise that some of these creatures wander into human turf once in a while. Some of them are quite wary of humans, but the adorable little baby fawn featured in the video below is not one of them!

Maya and her dad, Brad Herring, were unpacking their car after a canoe trip, when a tiny fawn stumbled across their front yard and right into Maya’s arms. Brad says that the fawn followed Maya’s every step after that and they were quite inseparable from the moment they met. But they knew the fawn’s best chance of survival was to return to his mother.

They assumed the mom was probably recuperating from the delivery, so Maya led the fawn back to the woods. Apparently it didn’t follow Maya back to her home. They were worried that the mother wouldn’t accept the fawn or that the fawn would not be able to find her. Maya and her dad didn’t see the mother.

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