Pug Puppies Love to Follow Their Owner


These pugs are following the boy like their true leader, and we can’t get enough of this adorable moment.

No one taught them to do so, and yet, they chose the head of the pack and are now trying to imitate his movements. When the child is heading in a certain direction, they are after him, and this goes on and on until they are tired!

The pugs are so cute that this is probably one of the most emotional videos you will encounter in a month, and moreover, they already have a hierarchy among them. Just like in the human society, they need a chief to listen to, that’s why we are so thrilled to present this tape to you. What do you think about the footage?

If you have a pet at home and this sight is familiar to you, you may also feel free to write us about your personal experience, regarding the litter of puppies and their natural instincts.

They are like birds, moving in one flock, and for someone, who loves videos with babies, this footage will mean a lot.

The pugs are great with children, and you can leave them alone with the kids when you are away. The little ones will be well-cared for, and below, we see an amazing example of friendship that exists between species.

We have to admit this is the fluffiest company you will come across on the media, and the parents posted it to warm our heart. Drop us a line if you agree and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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