Very rare and adorable identical triplets born in Alabama!


Truly wonderful story! I’m just so glad that everybody survived and everybody is healthy and congratulations to the new couple!

I love when family members or dear friends become parents or grandparents. It’s a joyous occasion to welcome a new life into the world. Most families are blessed with one little miracle. Some may even get two. But three? That’s something else! Amber and Levi are the parents of two adorable little girls, Lillian and Josey. The couple thought they were done having children, but God had other plans for them.

When Amber found out she was pregnant again, she went to the doctor for an ultrasound. As the doctor moved the wand over her stomach, they heard not one heartbeat, but three! Without any fertility treatments, Amber had become pregnant with triplets, something that only happens in one out of every ten thousand pregnancies!

The couple took their pregnancy in stride. When Amber went into labor a month early, the only option was to deliver the babies by emergency c-section. That’s when things started to get scary for the young couple. During the operation, Amber started to hemorrhage. After the safe delivery of their children, she actually died twice. Doctors did all they could to bring her back, including giving her blood transfusions.

Levi discussed how frightening it was to see Amber have a code blue. “It was the scariest moment of my life,” he said. “I was afraid I was going to be bebopping home with three new babies and no momma.”

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