School Official Breaks Life Changing News To Foster Girl Has Security Camera Footage Go Viral Overnight


As a child, your needs are pretty simple. All you want is some food in your belly, a loving family and maybe a few toys and friends to play with. Unfortunately for children in the foster care system, all of those basic needs are hard to come by. Children can wait years before being placed in a foster home — and once they are placed, it’s even longer before a forever home is established. One little girl who knows the turbulent waters of this system is 11-year-old Tannah Butterfield. She and her two siblings were placed in a foster home several years ago, but she had no idea her foster parents were planning something big…

Instead of breaking the news to Tannah themselves, Jennifer and Jeff Fisher asked Jackie Alexander, an office manager at Tannah’s school to do so. As soon as Jackie brought Tannah into her office and asked her to sit down, nerves washed over her like a tsunami. Would she react poorly? Or was this the dream of a lifetime? After hesitating for a moment and taking a deep breath, Jackie blurted out the news. Instead of reacting sourly, Tannah did the unthinkable.

Security cameras within the office recorded as Tannah leaped into her arms and sobbed. The elated 11-year-old told Inside Edition, “I felt like a million, jillion things just exploded in my heart.” This was everything she had been waiting for — and the good news wasn’t done yet. Jeff and Jennifer had another big surprise up their sleeves. Learn more about the great surprise Jackie revealed and the good news that followed in the video here. We need more people like Jennifer and Jeff in the world — it would be a much better place, that’s for sure!