Sisters Sing Happy Birthday To Daddy


As a child, birthdays are fun no matter who’s celebrating! The balloons, cake, singing and, most importantly, the blowing out of the candles – every moment of a birthday celebration is a blast!

So when it was Dad’s birthday, his six adorable daughters and excited wife gathered around to sing him “Happy Birthday.” Everything went according to plan until the second Dad blew out the candles…

While we all know the words to “Happy Birthday,” not many of us know the song’s interesting history! According to urban legend, the song was first written by two sisters from Kentucky named Patty and Mildred Hill in the late 1890s.

Instead of singing to celebrate birthdays, the song was actually written to welcome in the morning! The transition from “Good morning to you” to “Happy birthday to you” was not exactly documented, but roughly 30 years passed before the birthday version was first recorded.

In fact, it was composer Robert H. Coleman who included the “Happy Birthday” lyrics in his songbook for the very first time. Now “Happy Birthday” is sung at almost every single birthday celebration — followed by the blowing out of the candle, of course!

So, after the family was done singing “Happy Birthday,” the girls watched eagerly as Dad got ready to blow out the candles. With a gentle puff, he blew them out in one try.

He had no idea that his girls would have such a strong reaction to him doing so! It’s absolutely adorable and hysterical all at once.

Take a peek at this adorable moment for yourself in the video below. Thank goodness Mom had the camera running the whole time.

The girls’ response is priceless! Watch for yourself!