All Of A Sudden, Tiny Baby Gets ‘Stinky.’ But It’s The Dog’s Reaction That Has Internet In Laughter


We’ve all been there. One moment, we’re cuddling next to our sweet baby, the next, we’re plugging our nose and running for the hills no matter how much we love them.

Unfortunately for this family dog, his keen sense of smell was put to the test while he and his human brother were sitting together in the living room. The dog was fast asleep on the cool leather chair and dreaming happily – he had no clue that Baby was trying hard to “let it out.”

Even though the stinky smell caught the pupper off guard, Baby was just being his happy, healthy self. Thank goodness Mom had her camera running and was able to record it while having fun watching it happen right before her eyes — this pooch wanted nothing to do with his sweet little human after this!

Baby’s adorable face told of the effort it took and that he wasn’t about to give up. After a few minutes of doing his best to let loose, he accomplished filling his diaper. And loudly!

Immediately after the deed was done, the dog woke from his deep slumber and leapt off the couch. It was obvious that the stink was so strong that he didn’t want to be anywhere near it.

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