This talented little girl can not really sing, but she can lead a choir!


This little cutie is amazing! Just watch on her moves in the church! She will have a big succsess in the future! Watch!

Do you believe in natural talent? Are conductors trained and taught to hear the music or are they born to be feel the message? Watch baby Lara, who lives in Kyrgyzstan, adorably conduct a church choir with so much passion. She is trying her best to be part of the experience, even if nobody is really watching. I love this video, and we already know what she will be when she grows up. So cute! Share this video if it made your day.

Very talented little girl from Kyrgyzstan conducting a church choir during Sunday morning service. Girl’s name is Lara, her Dad is singing in the choir of the Central Church of Kyrgyzstan. What did you do when mom took you to church during your childhood?

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