Teens Bully Young Boy At Park


Social experiment proved to be successful. The highest tragedy of society, if the abuse of children in it is not isolated cases. Children are our continuation, our future in all respects. For a child, the family is a natural habitat where he can always count on love and protection, care, support and understanding.

Unfortunately, in reality everything is different. Currently, due to domestic violence in Russia, the number of orphans, street children and street children is increasing by 100,000 annually. Cases of child abuse, and on the part of parents, have become frequent. At the same time, many adults define beatings as one of the methods of education.

Cruel treatment with children – not only beatings, this concept includes four main forms in which adults maimed child: physical abuse – deliberate infliction of physical injury, sexual, mental violence and neglect of the needs of the child.

Neglect, first of all, is expressed in the fact that parents do not provide the child with the most necessary: food, clothing, good sleep, hygiene care, do not show him due respect, attention, care and affection. Sexual abuse or corruption is the involvement of a child, with or without the consent of the child, in sexual activity with adults.