Man Finds Sick Husky On Elderly woman catches 4 boys sneaking into yard, weeps when she realizes what they’re doing.


This little 75 year old woman was about to be arrested and taken away in hand cuffs when a group of young boys in Texas stepped up. They never even met this woman but they didn’t want to see her got to jail because her grass was over 18 inches tall.

Gerry Suttle is the 75-years-old woman, she was issued a notice to appear in front of a judge regarding grass on her land being unkept. The law states that grass needs to be under 18 inches, Suttle said she was unaware of this law.

The woman also said that she hadn’t received the letter regarding a court date with the judge. Unfortunately, when she failed to appear in court a warrent was issued for her arrest.

When a group of local young boys heard about the woman’s arrest warrant they immediately jumped into action to help.

The boys knew that she need their help she was 75 years old it was the ‘least we could do’ one of the boys said.

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