Three Legged Kitten Meets One-Armed Girl


If there is any history that confirms this, then it will be discussed. This story is simultaneously cause and put a smile on your face and tears to your eyes. But the main thing is that what happened is able to warm your heart and awaken in it the best feelings. Such as love, empathy, tenderness and sympathy…

This little girl named Scarlett fell ill at such a young age. Unfortunately, she had already lost her right hand in the fight against cancer. Such an event could not pass without a trace for her. The very realization that you are not like those around you is a burden on this innocent child.

But life presents not only challenges, but also gives us hope for a better future. One day Scarlett met someone else, someone who reminded her of herself. This gift for girls was a small kitten. As the girl the baby was missing limbs.

A three-legged kitten named “Doc” got into the shelter. Perhaps he also considered himself useless and blamed the feature. But the meeting that shed light in the girl’s life, did the same, and in the life of a kitten-baby. He left the shelter with someone special whose soul, like a draw other, understood his desires and needs.

And in addition, wanted to help the kitten. As well as dreamed that it was someone else, maybe a stranger, but native in spirit, will do the same… When Scarlett saw the kitten, she loved him with all my heart, because he was like her.