Tiny Girl Poses In Front Of Mirror, Breaks Out In Moves That’s Melting Internet’s Heart


We’ve all been there before – with a hairbrush in hand and our favorite song playing on the stereo. When that happens, it’s hard not to want to dance your booty off and sing along with the words.

Well, for this little one, the words are in her head and she wants to check out her own dance moves in the mirror. We’re just glad Mom had the camera running and was able to capture such an adorable moment…

Even though this routine may seem like playtime and nothing to write home about, it actually shows some important developmental milestones. The Livestrong website explains that dancing is incredibly beneficial to children for several reasons.

One big reason that dancing is great for our kids is due to the physical benefits. The site says dancing can help improve a child’s overall health, increase their flexibility, their range of motion, strength, and stamina.

In addition to the physical benefits, dancing is also a wonderful way to improve self-esteem and socialization skills. By working together with other dancers and seeing their collective improvement over time, children learn that hard work really does pay off.

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