Tiny Girl Sits On Santa’s Lap


Having a loved one fighting for our freedom overseas is a difficult thing. On one hand, you’re proud of the sacrifice they’re giving to promote American ideals and keep us safe on the mainland.

But on the other hand, you miss them terribly and pray for their safety every single day. Unfortunately, this sweet little girl didn’t understand any of that when Dad shipped off to Afghanistan.

All she knew was that Daddy was gone and she wanted him to come back home. So, when Santa Claus asked her what she’d like for Christmas, she had one answer.

The moment Santa plops three-year-old Kensley Penney on his lap, she looks at him and promises that she had been a good girl this year. That’s why she’s asking Santa for a very special gift.

After months of not having her father around, she wants Santa to bring him back from Afghanistan. This is a Herculean task, but she knows Santa is the only one with the ability to do something so big.

With a jolly smile on his face, Santa motions for Kensley to turn around. There’s someone special waiting for her right around the corner.

Kensley has no idea what special gift Santa has for her. The big guy is on this big surprise that floors Kensley.

Sure enough, Kensley’s father peeks his head out from where he was hiding and runs over to his sweet baby girl. Kensley couldn’t believe that Santa was able to make her Christmas wish come true – and so fast!

This is a moment Dad is going to remember forever, and something Kensley will be able to look back on with fondness. What a beautiful reunion and how neat that Santa was part of this big request from such a sweet little girl.

The look on Kensley’s face says it all. The big guy really came through this time!

Take a peek at this tear-jerking reunion for yourself in the video below.