Toddler Dances On The Sidelines. Suddenly Stops To Look Away Before Stealing The Show.


I think the only dance moves I have memorized is the Macarena and a few of the cheesy ones, like the Lawnmower and the Running Man. These have stuck with me over the years, and they’re old! I learned these when I was a kid. Absorbing new dance moves takes dedication, practice, and lots of time spent watching someone else do it or getting a teacher to guide you through the steps. Then, once you learn, the only way to retain it is to keep doing it, so you don’t forget!

So take this little boy totally upstaging the dancers behind him – move for move and at times, his back to them, not even watching where they are in the routine!

Dancing is more than just moving your arms and legs and shaking your hips. While it is physical, there’s a bigger part of the picture that goes deeper. You can’t help but feel it inside of you in your core and on a soul level. When the music is right, and the setting is set, there’s nothing better than a dance session to make you feel okay in this world.

This little one is definitely feeling it. Free of embarrassment, he does his thing solo and without any help. He is fearless in what sets his soul on fire while making the pavement his dance floor. Even though you can’t see the actual audience, their shadows cast on the ground proves this little boy has some serious fans, his happy dance making everyone around him cheer up!