Toddler Dresses Like Clown Fish


Clownfish. Just that one word alone is enough to inspire… well, it doesn’t really inspire much of anything.

There aren’t any Shakespearean plays or classic poems written about this tabby-colored fish. The “Discovery Channel” doesn’t have an entire “clownish week” dedicated to showcasing this non-marvel of the sea.

No one ever says, “Let’s go to the park and cuddle with the clownfish.” In fact, its only claim to fame is the comically lost orange and white striped fish from the popular Disney animated film “Finding Nemo.”

We’ve all seen pictures of those wacky costumes that pet owners trick their doggy’s, kitties, and even their gerbils into wearing. Well, animal babies aren’t the only ones that get to have fabulous costume makeovers!

Once you see this lovable clownfish swim upstream through a hallway full of happy people feet, your heart will melt from the cuteness overload. There’s a reason why people are instantly falling in love with this delightful lil’ man!

The tiny tot had no idea how adorable he was being as he strutted his stuff down the halls. When his son, Jackson, walks down the hallway in his new Halloween costume, we can hear dad hilariously exclaim “That is the cutest tail wiggle I’ve ever seen!”

Ha ha, dad is absolutely right! Too bad this cheeky little fish nugget didn’t bump into a blue tang fish along the way – that would have been so funny!

Check out the “awww-inspiring” video below to experience the cutest 33 seconds of your life. I can’t believe how much this darling clownfish baby brightened my day!

Wait until you see the goofy tot turn around and strike a pose. This is absolutely precious!