Toddler Fed Ice-Cream For The First Time, His Reaction Makes Everyone Burst Into Laughter


Ice cream is simply delicious. Whether it’s eaten straight out of the carton, as part of an elaborate dessert, sprinkled with candy bites, or as a root beer float, ice cream is awesome! It’s a favorite treat for kids, including one absolutely precious toddler named Ty. This little guy is 19 months old and has never had ice cream before. His response to his first bite is simply precious and absolutely hysterical.

Ty had been watching the adults enjoying the Breyers brand ice cream and wanted to try some, too. The tiny toddler had absolutely no idea what was coming his way! His uncle gives him a small toddler-sized spoonful of chocolate ice cream, but Ty has no idea that ice cream is really that cold! The look on his face is the funniest thing! It’s so cold that Ty must have a case of brain freeze, because he starts patting his head over and over.

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