Toddler Gets Interviewed After Twins Born, Her Answers Have Internet In Laughter


While being an older sibling is fun, it does come with a few downsides. One minute, you’re the apple of your parent’s eye. The next, you have to share their attention with another tiny human. Unfortunately for Julianna, she was forced to share her home with not one, but two baby siblings! Her parents welcomed home twins a few weeks ago and Julianna was confused by why her parents weren’t showering her with affection all day and night. That why Dad’s friend Sean decided to sit down with the one-year-old and interview her about the big changes unfolding in her household. He had no idea that the “interview” would be so darn funny…

Even though the parents are thrilled to bring home two tiny bundles of joy, the Two Came True website explains that an older sibling may feel unsure about the new additions. They recommend doing a few things to help the older sibling feel comfortable with the big change. The site says that parents expecting twins should set out the new toys, furniture, and necessities ahead of time.

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