Triplet babies dancing to Pharrell Williams song “Happy”


It’s too freaking cute and such a big blessing to have triplets! It is so ineresting to watch how baby triplets have fun with music! I need to see and hear them! Watch it!

On my list of things that makes me put a smile on my face, the laughing of a baby appears to be in the top position.

Babies are cute, but when there are three of them that’s even more fun. These adorable triplets dance to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams and it’s sure to brighten up anyone’s day. They are even singing too! Absolutely adorable!

In the following clip, we clearly see why babies are number one in making people happy. Meet Auntie Sandra Cyrus, holding her three nieces in her arms without complaining. This is a video that she recorded it personally while she was doing the babysitting work. By looking at the video, you will surely agree that they are beautiful little creatures.

It is not a secret to anybody that babies can be a pain in the ass. They tend to give the owners a lot of work because of their unscheduled sleep, and the frequent cries for no sound reason. All this makes these little kids not to be the happiest lot of babies. Although with this type of character, their aunt knows how to quickly change their mood to a happy one. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, is one of the songs that no one can dislike, it makes all ages smile when listening to it.

These little kids stole the show when their auntie put the song. As soon as they heard it, they started to dance. What a wonderful moment!

When you first see a dancing baby, it brings joy to your face but when you watch three dancing babies, it’s triple the joy! Pharrell Williams has 3 new little fans because when these triplets hear Williams’ ‘Happy’ playing, they begin a dance party!

Their new aunt Sandra Cyrus definitely knew what song they would like and they can’t stop dancing. Each baby has their unique style but the cutie in the middle is definitely the lead singer, too adorable! We could watch them dance again and again and they’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face.