Woman Was Expecting To Have Just One Baby, But Welcomed 10 Times More


It was a special day for Kami and her husband Joshua as they welcomed their second child. On the same day, their dog Delia also gave birth. This family will forever know how old there dog is.

The birth of a child is a wonderful moment, it is a creation of a new life. Of course, it is also a difficult time because a baby needs a lot of attention and efforts. But can you imagine taking care of ten babies at the same time? You will be amazed when you hear the story of a family who welcomed ten newborns in one day.

Kami and Joshua were very excited when their second child was born. But they didn’t expect more babies to come. Nevertheless, their dog Delia delivered nine beautiful puppies on the same day. It is unbelievable! It turns out that this family had ten babies in one day.

The couple decided to make a wonderful photoshoot together with their son and puppies. They look so adorable together!

Klingbeil got a call from her dad while she was at the hospital with her mom: “We’re at your house and the dog went into labor,” he said. Now, the Klingbeil household is home to 9 new goldendoodle (Golden Retriever and Poodle hybrids) puppies and one baby boy named Brydon. Six days later, they all posed for an adorable photoshoot by Teresa Raczynski at Park Avenue Photography.

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