Wow! Childless couple adopts a baby girl with the name of their dream!


How beautiful! I just cried 14 minutes straight watching this. God is good! This is the most hopeful love story I’ve ever seen!

Walt met Annie when he was 10-years-old. But that was not the only life-changing thing that happened to him at that age. As a child, he had a dream, in which he pictured the baby girl he would have someday. Somehow, he even knew the girl’s name — Chloe.

Amazingly, this childhood dream kind of stuck with him. So, as Walt and Annie grew up and their friendship turned into a romantic relationship, Walt wanted to know what plans she had for the future regarding children.

Then, Annie opened up to him about her dream and said something that stunned him. She said she had always pictured a baby girl and that she had always imagined that the name would be Chloe. It had to be a sign from God, Walt believed. With the idea of their baby girl and the name in mind, Walt and Annie got married and excitedly expected this beautiful gift from God.

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