Young Girl Debuts New Puppet, Then He Steals The Show By Confessing His Love For Judge


There’s a reason why Darci Lynne earned the Golden Buzzer earlier on in the America’s Got Talent season! Her incredible stage presence and hilarious ventriloquism routine won over the heart of Mel B during her first audition and she hasn’t looked back since!

It was clear there was something Mel B saw in Darci and she wanted to make sure the 12-year-old performer had the chance to win it all! That’s why Darci decided to honor Mel B with her most recent routine…

Darci first fell in love with ventriloquism as a child – the puppets, silly voices and hilarious dialogue all piqued her interest. Even at a young age, Darci recognized that her passion was an art form that not many people cared about anymore, so she decided that she would be the person to bring it back.

The determined young lady worked at her craft day-in and day-out until it was absolutely perfect. After years of practicing, Darci realized that it was finally time to share her skill with the world. That’s when she entered America’s Got Talent!

At the time, Darci had no idea that her talent would resonate with so many people!

So, when Darci and her new mouse friend, Oscar, stepped on the America’s Got Talent stage once again, they were ready to give the performance of a lifetime. Instead of a simple back-and-forth conversation, Darci had something special up her sleeve.

First, the two began chatting about Oscar’s love for Mel B. Darci turned to Oscar and explained that any relationship between the two may be a problem. She said:

“Well, Oscar, I think your bigger problem is that she’s a human and you’re a mouse.”

Without missing a beat, the stuffed rodent (voiced by Darci) rebutted:

“I didn’t think that would be an issue. I mean, Heidi was married to a seal.”

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