Young Nurse Adopts Abused Baby


Two babies who survived abuse in their own family found warmth and love in the face of a new mother — a nurse from Jacksonville, who adopted children after rehabilitation in the hospital. At the age of one year, Dalila and Caroline were admitted to the Wolfson children’s hospital as a result of injuries that were intentionally inflicted by Jess Hamm’s parents, a local nurse, at first sight fell in love with one of the girls, barely seeing her in the intensive care unit.

At first she met little Dalila, who was barely alive: “It just broke my heart. She was just lifeless, but still holding on to my finger.”

Dalila’s bones were broken, her skull was broken, and the girl suffered serious malnutrition. By 14 months, the baby could not sit or hold the bottle alone, so weak she was. “Damn it, I’ll take her home!, “Hamm promised myself at that moment.

The woman went through the necessary procedures in the Florida Department of children and families to accept little girls into her family; in the process, she learned that Dalila has a sister named Caroline, who also lay in the hospital. Jess adopted both girls. Now their days are filled with smiles, studying the world around them, songs that a new mother sings to her daughters.

Thanks to the unconditional love of Jess, the girls are actively developing and have already caught up with their peers. Babies are very different, Jess admits. Caroline loves to chat, and Delilah loves to play on their own.