11-Year-Old Girl Sings Original Song, Her Partner Jumps In And Performance Totally Changes


Jadyn Rylee may be a young singer, but she has a huge amount of talent. At only 11 years old, she has already become a YouTube star famous for her covers of popular songs.

There are few young singers her age that can do what she does – and that’s why this particular song is so special. Jadyn Rylee has found her match with the young artist named Brayden Ryle, another multi-talented performer.

Not only can he sing, but he also raps, dances and plays piano. He’s also adorable.

The two are a match made in heaven. They are sweet friends, but they also happen to collaborate beautifully when they sing together.

A song written just for them, called “Only You,” has captured the hearts of all of Jadyn and Brayden’s fans. It’s a beautiful song that describes their relationship perfectly.

They sit across from each other in the recording studio and sing into each other’s eyes. Can it be any more heartwarming?

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