12-Years-Old Boy Begins To Sing ‘Hallelujah’ And The Audience Goes Hauntingly Silent


He is only 12 years old, but he sings one of the most controversial songs of our time on national television. The song Hallelujah has been called the most misunderstood song of all time. Everyone has their own Hallelujah. Everyone there is looking for the meaning that is closer to him: biblical or secular.

Fortunately, there is something to choose from — the original text on 15 pages and consists of 80 verses. It was only later Leonard Cohen chose only 4 of them. Cohen briefly explained the main idea of the song Hallelujah in an interview: “Hallelujah is an Hebrew word that means “glory to the Lord.”

The song explains that there are actually many kinds of Hallelujah. It is a desire to establish faith in life, but not in some formal, religious way, but with enthusiasm, with emotions.” However, a secular version of the priest did not come immediately.

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