16-Year-Old Sings Spine-Chilling Rendition Of Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You”


When it comes to talent, it’s true that we are either born with an incredible ability, or we’ve taken time to craft and improve a skill. Sometimes, it’s a combination of the two. But regardless of how one’s talent came about, it’s a beautiful thing to see someone doing something that they love with sheer passion in their eyes. And this said-passion can be witnessed when watching 16-year-old Luke Lucas perform.

Lucas is a teen from Kent, England, who auditioned for the popular TV show, “X Factor.” He decided that he would share his strong ability to sing with the world and he did not hold back. The entire crowd, including all of the judges, sat with their eyes and mouths wide open in awe and surprise as Lucas persisted in singing, “Who’s Loving You,” by Michael Jackson.

But the teen is not just an extremely talented singer; he’s also got a strong and confident personality to match, which lead many to adore him from the second he walked on stage!

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