2 Men Play “Boogie Woogie Jam” At Train Station. Then Woman Joins In For An Epic Performance


Each day, people all over the world will get out of bed, prompted by the shrill sounds of an alarm, get themselves showered and dressed, and then leave the house for work. Where I live, in a fairly rural area a few hours from a large city, most people will commute by car into the city or the surrounding suburbs.

These commuters spend hours a day in their cars. They drink coffee, eat breakfast, and listen to the radio, music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Some people carpool and spend even more time with their office mates, but share the responsibility of driving and wear and tear on their vehicles, not to mention the environment.

There is another group of people who use public transportation to commute to work. They ride buses and trains into and around the city. In London, UK, there’s a train station that is just a little more exciting than the others.

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