2 Men Sing Their Order At Drive-Thru, But It’s The Cashier’s Epic Response That Goes Viral


Ordering fast food from a drive-thru isn’t always easy. Especially if the weather conditions aren’t the best, either the employee or the customer is hard of hearing, or if the intercom equipment could use an update – there are many factors which could contribute to a “glitch in the order.” And even though we may end up with pickles on our burger when we ordered it without, the convenience of staying in our car is oh-so-nice! In this hilarious video, two men pull up to the drive-thru speaker prepared to give their order, although the employee on the other end of the intercom has no idea of what’s coming…

Internet entertainers Rhett and Link are at it again, and this time they’ve prepared a clever folk song which they will be presenting at a random fast food drive-thru – to an unknowing restaurant employee. The moment they pull up to the Taco Bell speaker is when the fun begins.

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