2 Young Choir Boys Step Up To The Mic, Now Their Routine Is Cracking Everyone Up


When you think of classical music, you immediately associate it with sophistication or a certain wow factor. It’s not easy to compose music, let alone perfectly arranged orchestral pieces or stunning operas. Classical music seems to have a serious air around it, but there are pieces that can really make you laugh. For example, the opera piece shown in the following video will certainly have you splitting your sides.

The piece shown in the following video is called “Duett buffo di due gatti”, also known as “humorous duet for two cats”. It is a famous classical piece which is still performed as a concert encore even today. The words to the song are entirely made of the word “meow”. This piece is said to be composed by Gioachino Rossini, but it wasn’t actually written by him though. No matter what its origin may be, the song is quite famous and performed even today.

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