28 Yrs Ago, Dance Scene Left The Audience Out Of Breath


It’s been 28 years since the mass favorite movie Dirty Dancing premiered. The movie was actually not supposed to be a hit. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey hated working with each other from their previous association in “Red Dawn”. When writer and producer Eleanor Bergstein refused to cut the movie’s abortion part, an original main sponsor, Clearasil, opted out of the movie. Test screening of Dirty Dancing was a real disaster.

But despite all this, the movie was indeed successful. It ended up having a worldwide gross of just under $214 million dollars.

It won an Oscar and multiple Grammys for the music. The soundtrack was on the top of the charts winning even Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. Dirty dancing has been a very popular film and it is clear to see why people still love it so much!

Watch the final dance scene of Dirty Dancing in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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