3 Men Line Up On Stage For Performance. But When They Peel Tape Off Mouths, The Judges Are Floored


In a dismal state of affairs, we will never really know all the secrets to living a wonderful life. There are no magical recipes that can help us succeed, we don’t always have the right answers in love, and many most certainly find themselves completely lost at one time or another. The good news however, is that there are still a few notions out there that help us believe in the good and the somewhat unbelievable—one being the art of magic.

So when three men, known as the Gentlemen of Deceit, stepped up on stage for the popular reality TV show, Australia’s Got Talent, wearing red tape across their mouths, they managed to completely wow the crowd. Why? They helped them to believe in a little thing called magic.

The act starts with one of the men grabbing Eddie Perfect, one of the TV judges’s shoe. Eddie greets the men with, “Obviously, it’s not a great time to talk to you,” as he notices the red tape slapped across their faces.

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