3 Tiny Dancers Line Up For Dance


The little ones performed an incendiary dance to the music of Aretha Franklin. Despite the fact that girls are only 3 years, dance has been viewed more than 800 thousand users. They move synchronously, and they look cute at all.

I wonder how mothers managed so neatly to braid? Because at this age the kids are restless. Now there are many different children’s clubs and studios: rhythmics, ballroom dancing, folk dances, ballet….

The entire the complexity of the only in choosing. What should be guided? Firstly, it all depends on the age. In serious Studio usually take children not earlier than 4 years, which is understandable-up to four years of any technique to explain and, especially to demand useless.

This will only discourage the child has any desire to do. Muscles not yet fully formed, elementary concepts about the knees yet. The right and left legs are confused by all the little children.

Technique you can begin to require 6-7 years, although it depends on what is meant by “required equipment”?

Each age has its own requirements. With kids, everything should take place in a playful way, a lot of dance moves, jumps and jumps –it is usually the favorite part of the lesson, stretching, etc.Therefore, at an early age, the main criterion of choice – a good teacher who can and loves to play with children.