31 Years Ago, Roy Orbinson Sang Stunning Version Of “Oh, Pretty Woman”. Do You Still Remember?


The audience, as it is known, loves not only supermen. No less than the heroes need it, and those who voiced her romantic failures. One of the most famous singers of unhappy love in the 60s was Roy Orbison.

He had neither charisma nor the appearance of a superstar, but more than compensated it with a deep velvety voice of Opera scope, a talent of melodramatic artist and touching performance. But even this is not the most important thing. Starting from the same rockabilly origins that inspired Carl Perkins. In 1987, Orbison was admitted to the rock and roll hall of fame and Nashville composers ‘ Hall of fame.

In 1989 he was admitted to the Hall of fame of the international composers Association. Orbison ranks 37th in the list of” 50 greatest performers of all time by Rolling Stone magazine “and 13th in the list of” 20 of the 100 greatest vocalists of all time ” compiled in 2008.

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