4 Ladies In Purple Walk Out To Put On A Classical Performance With An Electric Twist


Once upon a time, I played the violin. Such a beautiful instrument once you’ve mastered it! When you’re learning it, not so much. There were days when it sounded like all I was missing was a crowd of howling wolves to accompany my whiny, screechy scale practice. But once I got the hang of it – it took a few years! – I was able to enjoy it! And eventually, those scratchy sounds became beautiful music.

My years of playing helped me appreciate the art so much more. To this day, I still love classical music and feel moved by the sound. So when these ladies stepped on stage with their stringed instruments, I knew they had a treat in store. And it gets even better – these aren’t your average ladies or instruments. They’ve done one better.

Known as Escala, these four best friends are an electric string quartet. That’s right, these two violins, one viola, and one cello are all electric, so their sound is classical with a rock ‘n roll twist. All four women once played in an orchestra together but forged such a strong friendship that they decided to let go of their regimented schedule of day-in-day-out practice while on the road touring, to come together to start their own endeavor.

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